blog-2912-how-to-choose-swiss-cbd-products.html How to choose Swiss CBD products?

How to choose Swiss CBD products?

Author: IHS

For many people, especially the elderly, the use of CBD Switzerland cannabis products is something new. Many people have never used cannabis. And the arrival of products containing CBD is a bit of a shock to the many misconceptions we have about the use of cannabis products.

As always, we recommend that you consult your doctor before starting to take CBD products.

Regardless of the reasons that may cause you to want to consume products containing CBD, the way you want to use these products may also vary depending on your needs or desires. There are indeed several types of products containing CBD, intended for particular uses, and each offers a different mode of consumption:

- Smoking (this is the most harmful mode of consumption, which we advise against.). The flowers of cannbis, pollen, or e-liquid can be smoked. For people wishing to choose this mode of consumption, we recommend the smoke spray, using a vaporizer provided for this purpose.

- Used in the kitchen: this is particularly the case with CBD crystal, wax or CBD crumble

- In infusion: cannabis flowers and tea made from cannbis CBD can be infused in hot drinks.

- Ingest, in the form of capsules, capsules or cannabis oil rich in CBD

- Cutaneous application: this is the case of CBD balms, intended to relieve muscle pain on specific areas of the body.