blog-3553-buy-cbd-in-europe-is-it-possible.html Buy CBD in Europe, is it possible?

Author: IHS

We regularly receive inquiries about countries of delivery, legislation etc ... It is true that in some countries, especially France, the rules regarding the consumption and purchase of CBD are quite vague, not to say ambiguous.

What French legislation says about the purchase, consumption and production of CBD
The main ambiguity lies in the THC content of the finished product: CBD itself is completely legal because it is not classified as a toxic or doping substance. However, products containing CBD and intended for sale to the public must not contain any trace of THC. It is for the production part that THC is authorized, to a certain extent: the plants whose producers will use for the production of products with a high CBD content must not contain more than 0.2% of THC, and must be derived from certain specific varieties of cannabis (Futura, Dioica, Fedora, Férimon, Santhica ...).

In other European countries, however, this permitted level of THC is higher, with 1% for Switzerland and 0.6% for Italy, to name just two examples.

European legislation to the rescue

However, an important concept must be kept in mind: today, it is European law that prevails over national law, because of the will of European leaders to standardize the common legal framework.

And European law states that products containing up to 0.2% THC are allowed, thus making the purchase of CBD containing legal THC. There are many case law cases.

To conclude

If the question of the resale of products containing CBD is still debated, consumption is allowed. It is therefore possible to buy CBD in some countries where it is legal, such as Switzerland. And if you prefer not to be worried by the authorities, then turn to products containing less than 0.2% THC.

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