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CBD Zen Infusion
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Are you going through a period of stress and feel the need to find inner peace? Our Zen infusion based on CBD is a tasty blend of plants with soothing and calming properties, acting both on the body and on the mind.

Tangy and sweet notes at the same time mingle with the naturally sweet taste of hibiscus, a mixture conducive to appeasement.

Make Zen a habit.

Our team has developed a herbal tea recipe for you to relax by mixing the best that nature has to offer.

In herbal medicine, mint, hibiscus and lemongrass are known to promote inner appeasement. Endowed with relaxing properties, they restore calm. Associated with hemp flowers, their effects are then increased tenfold. Indeed, the CBD contained in hemp flowers acts as a real enhancer and therefore makes it possible to highlight the virtues of the plants with which it is associated. This herbal tea is the ally of your relaxation breaks.

Ingredients and composition

Apple, lemongrass, mint, hibiscus, orange peel, stevia, decarboxylated hemp flowers (10%).

Net weight: 30g

THC < 0.2%
CBD > 10%


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