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Draining CBD Infusion
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"The door to change can only be opened from within"
There are times when the body needs to be detoxified; do good to your body and help it to purify itself. To do this, drinking a Draining CBD infusion promotes the elimination of toxins and other residues accumulated in the body and increases your metabolism. Thus, you feel lighter, good in your body. The very herbal taste of this infusion gives you an immediate feeling of calm. Like a homecoming...

Benefits of this CBD infusion

Our botanists and herbalists have created for you an herbal infusion known for their great effectiveness in the body, namely:

- China Sancha green tea, because it deeply hydrates the body. It is also a natural diuretic;
- Lemongrass is recognized for its diuretic properties;
- Hemp flowers, because they multiply the effects of the other plants that make up this infusion;
The result is an infusion based on CBD and theine that promotes the depurative function of the emunctory organs.

Ingredients and composition

China Sencha green tea, lemongrass, natural flavor, lemon peel, decarboxylated hemp flowers (10%)

Net weight: 30g

THC < 0.2%
CBD > 10%


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