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Tonic Morning Infusion
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"To dare is already to cross the impossible".

To be in shape in the morning, refuel and make your day a success, discover the infusion based on CBD Morning Tonic. A combination of plants with energizing power, to boost your energy. This mixture awakens your body as much as your taste buds thanks to its taste of ginger and orange. Guaranteed boost effect!

Benefits of this CBD infusion

To give you a feeling of tone throughout the day, we have associated the following plants:

- China Sencha green tea, because it is a natural stimulant thanks to its high caffeine content. Its invigorating benefits are diffused for several hours in the body, for a long-lasting effectiveness;
- Ginger: with its peppery taste makes it a natural and powerful energizer;
- Orange peels are a very good source of vitamins. They boost the body and the immune system.

Associated with hemp flowers, the properties of each of these plants create a synergy in the body which multiplies the tonic effects of the infusion tenfold.

Ingredients and composition

China Sencha green tea, ginger, orange peel, natural flavor, marigold, decarboxylated hemp flowers (10%).

Net weight: 30g

THC < 0.2%
CBD > 10%


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