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Digestion CBD Infusion
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Certain foods can cause stomach aches and slow down digestion. You then feel tired, heavy and lose your motivation. Yet, it's easy to follow the Alexandra Herbalist adage that says "Easy digestion is found in a cup of tea."

After a heavy meal, a CBD-based Digestion infusion is your perfect ally to avoid the inconveniences associated with painful digestion. We have made this mixture of plants to facilitate intestinal transit. Discover an infusion with a good taste of green tea and lemony-sweet touches.

Benefits of this CBD infusion

For a peaceful digestion, we proceeded to a mixture of carefully chosen plants. We then associated them with hemp flowers.

- Dates facilitate intestinal transit, as they are rich in insoluble fibre.
- China Sencha green tea is a real source of tannins. It has great antioxidant, calming and antibacterial properties.
- Cocoa shells, for their part, promote intestinal transit, because they have so-called tonic virtues.
- Hemp flowers, renowned for their relaxing effect, act as an enhancer of the properties of the plants with which they are associated.

Ingredients and composition

Date (date, rice flour), lemongrass, China Sencha green tea, nettle, green mate, natural flavor, marigold, cocoa peel, lemon peel, decarboxylated hemp flowers (10%).

Net weight: 30g

THC < 0.2%
CBD > 10%


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