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Reflection CBD Infusion
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Do you have trouble concentrating throughout the day? To allow you to be focused at all times, we have created the Reflexion infusion based on CBD. It helps to fill the drops of attention throughout the day. Feel more efficient, more responsive, while driving the stress out of your life. This infusion has both fruity and sweet aromas that blend perfectly with the herbal taste of green tea.

Push the doors of reflection.

Benefits of this CBD infusion

To compensate for the lack of concentration, we have brought together the benefits of plants known to act effectively on cognitive abilities.

- China Sencha green tea has long been valued for aiding concentration and boosting memory;
- Mint acts on mood and increases cognitive abilities. In particular, it boosts memory;
- Finally, we added hemp flowers, as they soothe and act on stress making it easier to concentrate. Additionally, as an adaptogenic herb, hemp enhances the effects of other herbs associated with it.

Ingredients and composition

China Sencha Green Tea, Lemongrass, Mint, Lemon Peel, Elderflower, Natural Flavouring, Cranberry, Blueberry Flower, Decarboxylated Hemp Flower (10%)

Net weight: 30g

THC < 0.2%
CBD > 10%


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