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Meditation CBD Infusion
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If meditation is the doorway to inner peace, then we want to help you achieve it. To promote your meditation sessions, we have created an infusion that brings you calm and concentration. So empty yourself inside, drink our CBD-based Meditation infusion and enter the desired meditative state.
With a subtle taste of apple and lemongrass, warm and spicy notes of black pepper and cardamom mingle. A real moment of delight.

Benefits of this CBD infusion

The Herboristerie Alexandra team has combined the benefits of several plants to make an infusion conducive to meditation.

- Tulsi, known as holy basil, has powerful purifying properties. It thus soothes the body and the mind;

- Valerian helps fight against nervousness and anxiety. It gives you an almost immediate sense of calm;

- Peppermint helps concentration and therefore facilitates successful meditation;

- Hemp flowers have soothing properties and act as a catalyst. Put in synergy with the other plants of this infusion, they increase tenfold the benefits of each ingredient.

Ingredients and composition

Apple, lemongrass, rosehip, chamomile, tulsi, marigold flowers, black pepper, peppermint, lavender, stevia, immortelle flowers, cardamom, valerian, decarboxylated hemp flowers (10%)

Net weight: 30g

THC < 0.2%
CBD > 10%


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